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1. What is the price for the ferry?

a) to/from Havøysund to Gunnarnes, price one way in NOK?

Adult: 71 NOK, children: 35 NOK, retirees: 35 NOK, motorcycle: 117 NOK, car less than 6 meters: 228 , NOK and car more than 6           meters: 550 NOK. The price for car includes the driver. The rest of the passengers pay per person. 

b) to/from Alta to Gunnarnes, price one way in NOK, only passengers?

Adult: 425 NOK, children: 225 NOK, retirees: 225 NOK

c) to/from Hammerfest to Gunnarnes?

Adult: 244 NOK, children: 144 NOK, retirees: 144 NOK

​2. How do I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets with credit card or cash (NOK) on the ferry. Or you can download an app, Snelandia Mobillettand pay online 

3. I travel by car, when do I have to arrive to Havoysund/Gunnarnes to get place for my car on the ferry?

We recommend that you arrive as early as possible. Especially in high season from May to August there might be more cars than available places on the ferry. 

4. Can I rent fishing gear and buy bait at Tufjord Brygge?

Yes, you can rent fishing gear. We also sell a selection of bait. 

5. Is end-cleaning, towels and bed-linen included in the price for apartment?


6. Can I only rent a boat?

Yes, you can only rent a boat. 

7. When is hare hunting on the island?

From 10. September to 15. March. You can buy license at local shop.


8. What is the time table for the ferry?

You can check the timetable here 

Sunday 19.45-21.00

c) Take the ferry from Havøysund to Gunnarnes

check timetable here

9. When is the season for halibut, cod etc.?

See "information in English" in the main menu

10. Can I buy food on the island?

Yes there is a local store on the island. Alternatively, you can ask us for prices for full accomodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 

11. I am travelling by plane to Alta. Do you offer transfer to the island or car rental?

Yes, we can offer transfer or car rental at competitive prices. Car rental 3500 NOK per week, transfer to Havoysund (the ferry) one way 2500 (up to 4 persons).

12. What are the GPS coordinates of Tufjord Brygge?

71.001265, 23.905992


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