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The amount of fish in this area is astonishing, even by Northern Norwegian standards. Fishing for halibut has proven to be especially good around Rolvsøya. This is due to rapid currents in the area and an appropriate structure of the sea bed. The largest halibut caught weighed an incredible 165,5 kg and each year there are several catches above the magical two meter mark. Something to keep in mind however is that halibut fishing is both difficult and a test of patience, but if you wish to catch your first ever halibut this halibut-rich location offers all the possibilities for doing so. During 2015, among other catches, there were several halibut over the magical two meter mark with the largest one measuring 219 cm which represents a weight of 143,8 kg according to charts. The cod fishing is also very good. There are quite a few fish caught between 3-15 kg and annually there are catches over 20 kg as well. The largest summer cod during 2015 weighed as much as 28 kg+. Especially the beginning of the season (April/May) is usually very good for cod. You can also catch coalfish up to 17 kg during the summer. Furthermore, there is plenty of wolffish and haddock around Rolvsøya and there is potential for large red fish within reasonable distance. In 2010, red fish up to 8,77 kg were caught here. Rolvsøya is also known for its good fishing for the smaller flatfish such as plaice, common dab, etc. Especially the fishing for plaice is very popular and catches between 1-3 kg are not uncommon in these waters.

Plaice season

Plaice Season: May to September Peak: July to September Weight: 1LB to 8LB Average Weight: 4LBPlaice season

Halibut season

Halibut Season: May to September Peak: June to September Weight: 20LB to 350LB Average Weight: 50LB

Cod season

Cod Season: April to September Peak: April to June Weight: 10LB to 80LB Average Weight: 25LB

Coalfish season

Coalfish Season: May to September Peak: June to July Weight: 5LB to 40LB Average Weight: 10LB

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